Nashira Arnó x Madewell

Nashira Arnó x Madewell

Waves are constant. So is change. 

It's always been that way. And I believe amazing things can happen when you embrace all that you are and all that comes with being you. 

I started Nashira Arnó Studio as a passion project that organically evolved into something more meaningful than jewelry. It opened my eyes to the responsibility we carry within the industry and outside of it. And creatively, through design, something awoke inside me: the need to create deep, meaningful relationships with brands that share the same values as I do. And the need to protect the ocean, where I have always felt most at home. 

Through our most supportive partner, Nest, we've partnered, mentored, and learned from artisans in developing countries and industry leaders worldwide –paving the way to inform and fulfill our mission.

Our ethos is moving intentionally at a slower pace and proudly collaborating with craftspeople on their terms to create narrative-driven pieces that work with life and the planet we live on, not against it.

As the newest member of the Madewell x Nest Hometown Heroes Collective Class, we are debuting a limited-edition capsule of sustainable jewelry staples designed for everyday wear. This edition is here for you and the planet. Full circle moment.


Visit Madewell’s site to learn more about it and shop our limited-edition capsule.