Linking stories of tradition with the forms of nature

Nashira Arnó is a Dominican-born and New York-based contemporary jewelry designer exploring timeless versatility and heirloom reimagination through responsible jewelry and Caribbean nostalgia. Her collection is noted for modular and fluid designs that connect together and can be set up in unlimited arrangements.

With a philosophy inherent in heirloom re-imagination, the designer explores her Caribbean identity to create narrative-driven and effortlessly elegant jewelry that holds lasting value and inspires to build for longevity. The result is a timeless and versatile aesthetic, with a splash of the bold expression of Latin America. 

Inspired by the ocean and imbued with a desire to capture its essence, the collection carries an organic quality that builds from classical design. 

The Latinx designer embraces a circular design philosophy. Moving intentionally at a slower pace and paying close attention to the materials and hands behind every item. Everything is made-to-order or produced in small batches to avoid unnecessary wastage. The brand collaborates with responsible artisans and partners to guarantee quality and fair practices.

Nashira Arnó designs and works from New York City and collaborates worldwide.