Nashira Arnó Studio explores jewelry with purpose and passion

Nashira Arnó Studio was established in 2021 by Dominican designer Nashira Arnó. Drawing inspiration from her collaborations with artisans across the globe, she recognized the beauty and transformative potential of handcraft in fostering positive change. With nearly a decade of design experience in New York City, Nashira's innate curiosity led her to create a jewelry brand focused on intentionality in both design and storytelling. Rooted in heritage craftsmanship, the brand continually explores fresh interpretations of classics while celebrating cultural richness and evoking Caribbean nostalgia.

A modular design for endless customization

Nashira Arnó Studio redefines everyday elegance with versatile, modular jewelry. Our pieces feature 'link' and 'connector' elements, allowing for effortless customization. This innovative approach ensures that each item seamlessly integrates into your wardrobe, reflecting your individual style with subtle sophistication. Discover the perfect expression of your identity through our dynamic, ever-evolving collection.


Nashira Arnó Studio moves forward intentionally and proudly, collaborating with artisans on their terms to craft narrative-driven jewelry that harmonizes with both life and the planet we live one, not against it. Our journey towards sustainability inspires our philosophy, our products and how we operate. 

Heirloom quality

Our jewelry is meticulously handcrafted with the intention of becoming cherished heirlooms for generations to come. We prioritize responsibly sourced, high-quality materials, including recycled 925 sterling silver, gold, and exquisite gemstones like black onyx and freshwater pearls. Designed for all genders and occasions, each piece invites you to embrace versatility and discover new ways to express your unique personality through adornments.

Community and collaboration

We believe in the power of community and collaboration to elevate our lives and create a more inclusive world. We partner with individuals and brands who share our values to bring meaningful ideas to life. Recent collaborations include Anthropologie, NEST, Dirt Charity, INDÓMITA, The Brooklyn Museum, Madewell, Columbia Gem House, and Off Their Plate.

If you're interested in joining forces with us, please contact us