ABOUT Nashira Arnó Studio 

The profound act of authentic self-expression through jewelry

Nashira Arnó Studio redefines classic jewelry with modern versatility. Based in New York City, our Latinx-founded studio merges heritage craftsmanship with contemporary ingenuity, resulting in unique jewelry pieces that tell stories. Inspired by timeless traditions and humans' innate connection to nature, our designs combine organic elements with sculptural forms, embodying both timelessness and versatility. The result is a harmonious blend of refined simplicity, meticulous craftsmanship, and effortless sophistication that transcends trends. Grounded in the belief that jewelry should mirror our dynamic essence, each piece invites you to create personal narratives. Our ambition is to encourage a mindful moment –a pause to embrace the profound act of authentic self-expression through jewelry.

Nashira Arnó Studio was founded by Dominican designer Nashira Arnó.


Nashira Arnó Studio is dedicated to crafting jewelry that is both exquisite and responsible. We embrace the philosophy of slow living and prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our design and production process. We are committed to collaborating with skilled craftspeople on their terms to create narrative-driven jewelry that aligns with life and our beautiful planet. Transparency, continuous improvement, and a circular design approach are at the core of our values. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, read our Sustainability Manifesto or contact us at customerservice@nashiraarno.com.