Linking stories of tradition with the forms of nature

Nashira Arnó is a Dominican founder and designer who is committed to slow living, mindfulness, and sustainable practices. Her focus on sustainability is evident in her Caribbean-inspired contemporary jewelry collection, which is characterized by its commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability using recycled metals, ethically sourced stones, and organic materials. Each piece in her collection tells a unique story about Dominican heritage or the designer's personal journey, paying homage to a deeply-rooted culture that fuses traditional methods and modern design elements. Nashira Arnó's designs are characterized by a modern sensibility, with fluid designs that connect together, allowing for unlimited arrangements and customization.

At the core of Nashira Arnó is a deep commitment to using fewer resources and creating timeless pieces that last a lifetime. The brand is dedicated to creating jewelry with longevity, quality, and integrity. The packaging is also thoughtfully considered, with traditionally handwoven baskets made from palm fiber by rural artisans in the Dominican Republic. This promotes local design and preserves traditional crafts and natural resources, making the pieces even more special for the wearer.

Nashira Arnó's philosophy is inherent in heirloom re-imagination. She explores her Dominican heritage and Caribbean nostalgia, drawing inspiration from her roots to create narrative-driven jewelry that honors the beauty of the Dominican diaspora. The result is an array of effortlessly elegant jewelry staples with a splash of the bold expression of the Caribbean, making Nashira Arnó's collection a true testament to the timeless elegance of sustainable design.

Nashira Arnó designs and works from New York City and collaborates worldwide.