Cabarete: an intentional travel guide

Cabarete has always been a sanctuary for me. I love slow days sitting by the ocean, watching the waves roll in.

My last trip had a different tone and tempo because I went solo. Independence when traveling is a muscle I love to exercise. With this freedom comes the license to indulge, pamper myself and wonder.

Enjoy a curation from my last trip:


Natura Cabaña 

Airbnb – get in touch for my favorite place to stay


Breakfast at Vagamund 

La casa de Papi 

Karaya Restaurant 

Natura Restaurant 


Playa Caleton 

Playa Dorada 

Playa Sosua 

Playa Alicia 


Spa Day at Natura Cabaña 

Visit Cayo Arena 

Tour Los 27 Charcos 

Kite Surf at Kite beach 

This place inspired me to create a collection that captures that sense of empowerment after a reset. Through forms, shapes, and textures, The Wave Collection brings serenity and adds structure to your simple looks.

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