OCOA x Nashira Arnó Studio

Cory and Nicol’s family immigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States during their pre-teen years. Drawing from their Caribbean heritage, this sister duo co-founded Ocoa, a flourishing curly hair care brand named after their mother’s hometown.

La Palabra Necklace serves as an ode to the beauty of our individual narratives, inviting wearers to embrace their unique stories with affirmative words.

I am deeply touched by Ocoa's mission and its reflection of the Dominican hair narratives. It resonates with my own journey of learning to embrace and cherish my curly hair. Just like how jewelry empowers our look, our connection with our hair holds the potential to elevate our daily lives.

This campaign brought together an all-Dominican team to co-create. 

Artistic, Creative, Style Direction: Nashira Arnó. Hair: Cory Varona, Styled with Ocoa Beauty . Make Up: Lariza Alfonseca. Photography: Leslie Soto . Video: Pepe Melo. Talent: Jualianny Ariza, Nikola Santiago, Lia Perez, Ivanna Ramirez. Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Music: Nikola

Ocoa is a 4-step luxurious hair care brand designed to elevate curly hair, founded by a Dominican sister duo. Rooted in the philosophy of 'less is more,' Ocoa prioritizes clean, transparent ingredients.

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