Nashira Arnó Studio, established in 2021 by Dominican designer Nashira Arnó, traces its roots back to her collaborations with independent artisans encountered during her non-profit endeavors. Through engagements spanning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, Nashira recognized the transformative potential of handcrafting in fostering positive change. Building upon nearly a decade of design expertise gained in New York City, Nashira's innate curiosity propelled her toward founding a namesake jewelry brand centered on intentionality, in both its designs and narratives. Rooted in heritage craftsmanship, the brand continually explores innovative interpretations of timeless classics while seamlessly weaving in cultural richness and Caribbean nostalgia.


Nashira Arnó Studio prioritizes ethical and responsible practices. We embrace the philosophy of slow living and pay meticulous attention to every detail of our design and production process, considering its impact on the environment and local communities. Transparency, ongoing improvement, and a circular design approach are at the core of our values. Our goal is to create exquisite and sustainable jewelry that is both beautiful and responsible. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, read our Sustainability Manifesto or contact us at customerservice@nashiraarno.com.