Nashira Arnó Studio is a finalist of MJSA Design Challenge 2022

As a finalist of the MJSA Design Challenge 2022, Nashira Arno Studio created a bespoke jewelry piece inspired by a fictional story.

The story was about an adopted girl who, as an adult, finds her long-lost sister and her origins story. There are gems involved, and fast forward to the end of the story, she is gifted a reimagined family heirloom. Playing a part in this story, we created The Heirloom Charm Bracelet: classically crafted in Sterling Silver and featuring a collection of responsibly sourced gemstones sponsored by Columbia Gem House

Our submission piece is now part of a fundraising auction to support Nest’s Maker United Program. We will donate 100% of the proceeds to this nonprofit initiative accelerating the responsible growth and creative engagement of BIPOC jewelry designers and makers across the US. 

"This project felt incredibly personal because I’ve had personal experiences with adoption and passed down family heirlooms. I have an adopted daughter, and I’ve been fascinated with a fourth-generation charm bracelet she inherited. As I was thinking about the right piece to create for Lorna, I returned to a charm bracelet. Symbolic beyond time, it felt like the most fitting piece to create.

Bid now. The auction closes on November 8th.

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