Nashira Arnó creates an exclusive capsule for Indómita

Jewelry is profoundly personal. It is as much about the artistry as the unique meaning behind them.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, nature has always been essential in how I live. I remember the abundant Coralillo bushes and tropical flowers used as decor in and outside my house. And It was not unusual to see me making necklaces or bracelets with them.

This was when I realized how powerful symbolic elements from nature could be when used to express who you are or how you feel at any given moment.

Our newest jewelry capsule with Indómita, Historias del Caribe, feels like a sweet return home. Inspired by the rare and beautiful endemic flowers from the Dominican Republic, this collection reflects my own personal stories while also paying homage to nature's beauty around us every day.

We invite you to explore this limited-edition collection at:


C/ Agustín Lara 13, Piantini. Sto. Dgo.

Dominican Republic